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Samuel G. Jones
Senior Minister

Bro. Samuel Jones came to faith in Christ and was baptized into the Lord at the age of eight years old while attending the Dalworth Park church of Christ, formerly known as the Sherman Street church of Christ. He was raised at the same congregation until leaving to enter the United States Air Force at the age of seventeen. While in the Military he moved around the world to various military instillation until finally being stationed at Shaw Air Force base in Sumter, South Carolina where he met and married his wife, Joyce Capers Jones, in 1984. They have two adult sons, Colin and Avery. Samuel entered the ministry in 1983 as a youth minister and eventually separated from the military at which time he received his formal education in the ministry at the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies, formerly known as the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions. Samuel returned to South Carolina upon completing his education and established the Evans Street church of Christ in Florence, South Carolina. In 1993 he and his family returned to Texas and began worshiping at the Dalworth Park congregation. In 1997 Samuel became the Senior Minister of the congregation after the tragic death of the former minister, Louis C. Harris.  Samuel’s guiding scripture is Galatians 4:19 “My little children, for whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.” Samuel’s greatest desire is to see members of the body becoming like Christ and works to that end along with a passion for seeing people come to Christ.

James T. Mears
Assistant Minister

Bro. James Mears was added to the body of Christ in July 1980. He has been actively involved in the Education Ministry as a bible schoolteacher for over 35 years. He is currently an Assistant Minister and the Educational Director of Dalworth Park Church of Christ. James is married to his beautiful wife Marian Mears. They both have two adult children, Matthew and Cameron and four grandchildren. One fun fact about James is he likes to watch cooking and home improvement shows and tries to use ideas from them when possible. Some key accomplishments of James are, he has successfully developed teachers and students on the art of studying and how to apply God's word to their lives! James says what excites him most about the education ministry is, “the joy of seeing how God's word can change a person to be better than when they first started their walk with Christ”.

Jimmy Mobley
Associate Minister

Bro. Jimmy Mobley has been a member of Dalworth Park Church of Christ for 15 years and has been preaching here for the past 13 years. Jimmy is currently an Associate Minister and Director of the Benevolence Ministry and Acts of Kindness Ministry.  Jimmy is married to his beautiful wife, Vanessa Mobley of 26 years and has one son, Marcus. Jimmy is a lover of Christ and the gospel. He says, “God hasn't given me the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind.”

Alva Adams.jpg
Alva Adams
Associate Minister

Bro. Alva Adams has been a member of the body of Christ since 1996. Within those years he has been able to teach the youth and adult classes as well as teach lessons from the pulpit. The ministry that he currently leads at Dalworth Park Church of Christ is the Involvement Ministry. This ministry is to aid members to have a service calling and to get active in the church and in the community.  Bro. Adams is married to his beautiful wife Lena Adams. They both have two children, Carson and Emily Adams. One fun fact about Bro. Adams, outside the church and corporate office you can catch him on top of one of his horses. He and his family really loves the country living, it’s a family affair! If you want to participate with the Involvement Ministry just pop on by and reach out to Bro. Adams. Now get off that pew because we got work to do!

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