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Dalworth Park Church of Christ (formerly Sherman Street Church of Christ) is an independent Christian congregation with beliefs and practices that are described in the New Testament.  Dalworth Park Church of Christ believes that Jesus established only one church on the day of Pentecost, A.D. 33., and follows the bible for their instructions, teachings and practices. 



In the 1930s, the Dalworth Community in Grand Prairie, Texas consisted of only about four blocks from SW 17th Street to SW 21st Street and along El Paso Street. 


In the 1940s, the Dalworth Community experienced growth in the community, due to the value of land, as families moved from Arlington, Texas.  With as little as “$10 down” and “$10 a month”, per Creola Oliver, families bought lots for either “$75 and corner lots sold for $125”, according to Iola Reed Smith.



With the growth in the Dalworth Community, the Sherman Street Church of Christ saw an opportunity to reach people and to teach God’s word. At some unknown date, the Sherman Street Church of Christ began with Brother Livingston and two (2) or three (3) families.  A small frame house was donated by sister congregations to accommodate 40 people. 


Brother Isaac Lang (deceased) became a member in 1954 and remembered that Brother Nixon was the minister at that time.  Sister Lillie Lang noted that the church facility was a “small wooden-frame building” without a “baptismal pool” and that she had to travel “over to Dalworth Gardens Church of Christ for her baptism” in 1961.  Sister Lang also witnessed the changing of the guard of the other ministers which are noted below under the Ministers section.



In the early 1960s, the Sherman Street Church of Christ membership experienced a growth.  In 1963, with only two (2) classrooms, it was time to go up, down or out. 


By early 1963 a new brick building was added and would accommodate one hundred and fifty (150) people.  It would include a pulpit, baptismal pool, classrooms, office, and kitchen.  Membership climbed from twenty-two (22) to ninety-six (96) and with Sunday morning visitors, the numbers would climb to one hundred and thirty (130) people. 


Sherman Street Church of Christ continued to grow.  On January 26, 2003, ground was broken for an addition of a new auditorium to accommodate three hundred and twenty (320) people. In 2004, Sherman Street Church of Christ was renamed Dalworth Park Church of Christ.


  • Brother Samuel Jones — 1996 – current. Senior Minister.

  • Brother L.C. Harris (deceased) — 1970 - 1996.

  • Brother Richard Mathis — 1964 - 1970.

  • Brother Rufus Harris — 1962 - 1963. Temporarily filled in for Brother Upshaw.

  • Brother Upshaw — 1962

  • Brother Isabella — 1961 - 1962. Temporarily filled in for Brother Nixon.

  • Brother Nixon — 1954

  • Brother Livingston — Unknown

Historians and Documented “Memories”

  • Herman Broadus  – Memories  

  • Isaac (deceased) and Lillie Lang – Memories

  • Creola Oliver – Memories

  • Billy J. Powell – Memories

  • Iola Reed Smith – Memories

  • Vernon Jackson – Historian

  • Randall Jones – Historian 

  • Helen Powell – Historian

Sister Congregations

The following churches financially supported our ministry:

•  Burbank Gardens Church of Christ, Grand Prairie, TX.

•   Dalworth Church of Christ, Grand Prairie, TX.

•   Freetown Road Church of Christ, Grand Prairie, TX.

•   Tarrant Road Church of Christ, Grand Prairie, TX.

Imagine This!: Nehemiah 2:11-12


God is the giver of dreams and imagination. He wants his people to use this gift for the expansion and building up of the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s time to unleash our imaginations and watch God do something wonderful and tremendously vital.


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